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For this reason, it is very popular for businesses, organizations and businesses to have their own website. To protect your website with its users and customers, you need to create a good model of use of your site, easy to understand. You can use this agreement anywhere, regardless of the platform your company is working on: Here`s an example of a clause in Padlet`s terms of use in the agreement: Use this free sales contract template to generate custom pdf contracts, quickly! Download them with just one click, print them out or share them. Visiting the site, sending emails and filling out forms online are electronic communications. You agree to receive electronic communications and agree that all agreements, communications, disclosures and other communications that we make available to you electronically, by email and on the website meet all legal requirements that such communication must be made in writing. Pop-up – In addition to getting into the footnote, you may have posted a pop-up when users access your site for the first time. This gives you an advantage in the event of a dispute, as you can prove that the user has been notified of your conditions before browsing your site. Our list of Generator Models and Terms of Use terms of use was updated in December If you are interested in an agreement on adapted terms of use, our Generator terms of use is available: Enter the information from your website and download the agreement in HTML or text formats. The terms and conditions also explain the rules to which the website administrator will comply. This section specifies that you remove all materials that violate users` copyright under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Below are some of the most important sections of your terms and conditions to ensure user clarity and avoid misunderstandings: it is up to you to define the rules and policies that the user must approve.