If the horses covered by this riding contract require medical attention, the stable will do everything in its power to contact the customer by phone. If the client is not reachable, the barn reserves the right to provide veterinary care to the horse or horses under this riding contract. All costs associated with this care are the sole responsibility of the client. If there is no explicit early withdrawal clause in a written lease, the taker may opt out if he can report a substantial breach of the contract. For example, if the rented horse is presented as a 1.30 metre jumper and the horse obtained is not able to work at this level, this may allow you to terminate the contract without an early exit clause. A written boarding agreement generally states that you must submit a one-month written notification to the stable operator for termination of the contract. In other words, if you plan to leave on October 1, you should provide the stable operator with a written note or email informing them of your departure on or before September 1. Most agreements don`t require you to ride your horse all month in this stable. You would like to remove your horse as soon as you do so; However, you still have to pay the board of directors last month, whether your horse is in the stable or not. For this reason, some stable operators claim the first and last month of the board in advance. A written agreement between you and the stable will clarify the terms of the boarding agreement, or at least less likely to be misunderstood. A boarding contract will help maintain the relationship with you and your stable on good terms, as each party knows what is expected of the other.

Most importantly, it will anchor your rights and inform you of your legal obligations. It is unusual for a written agreement with a trainer or horse professional on the services that are provided, except as part of a boarding agreement. Your relationship with the coach would end if you leave the stable and enter the new stable with the new trainer. If your trainer is independent and not connected to your stable, you can terminate the services of that trainer at any time, subject to the written agreements you have with that trainer.