In this context, I often get questions from readers who ask to explain the difference between these different chords, so I thought it would be fun to do so in this post. Before I do so, I would like to add two disclaimers: companies that participate in airline alliances such as Star Alliance, SkyTeam or oneworld almost always have interline agreements. But direct competitors can also benefit from Interline agreements. The Interline agreements were designed to provide comfort to customers who could only travel to their destination through two different airlines. The agreements include fares for which the two airlines agree to publish a tariff from origin to the final destination, and then distribute revenues internally among them. The customer would not have to pay two fares based on each airline`s flight and could get a ticket with two flight segments. The agreement allows any airline to accept the ticket from the other airline and covers baggage transfer and liability. Freight shipments are often included in the agreements. International and national airlines traditionally participate in the agreements. Many low-cost airlines do not participate or have limited agreements. The interline, also known as interline and interline ticketing, is a voluntary commercial agreement between different airlines to treat passengers travelling on routes requiring several flights with several airlines.

[1] Such agreements allow passengers to switch from one flight with one airline to another airline flight without having to pick up their baggage or re-register it. Airlines can also promise a free booking change if the service is interrupted due to a delay. It is important to note that interline flights do not mean that passengers collect frequent miles. Agreements such as the recent interline between JetBlue and American Airlines to transfer U.S. passengers on JetBlue to international American Airlines destinations, while passenger comfort does not gain AAdvantage miles in the JetBlue or trueBlue segments of American Airlines. Emirates cooperates with numerous airlines, including Air Malta, Malaysian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Qantas, Copa Airlines, Flybe, Japan Airlines, WestJet and Jetstar Airways.